Question 1: What is truthy and falsy value in javascript?

Answer 1: In Boolean context, we know that a value can either be true or false. So in javascript, if the value is considered true that is called truthy value whereas if the value is false that is called falsy value. All values are truthy unless they are defined as falsy (i.e., except for , , , , , , , and ). This sample example can make it clear(which will be coerced to true in boolean contexts, and thus execute the block):.

Nowadays react is one of the most popular libraries for making web applications. Let's see the basics of this library in an easy way.

You have noticed that I mentioned react as a library, not a framework. Because you cannot find a complete solution of making web app by using only react. You need many more things to implement a complete web application.

React is component based

Like other programming languages react has a component feature that is like a function. We can call the function as needed. Even can reuse as per necessity.

Create a component using ES6


When you will start working with javascript you basically work by some types of data. There are two types of data. 1. Primitive 2.Object & functions

Primitive type

This type is the very basic type of data which are String and Number. Doing programming is actually doing something with the values. So the values will look like …

console.log(4); // 4
console.log(“primitive”); // primitive
console.log(undefined); // undefined

Object and Function

Object and function are the special types of values, looks like…

Value of object(Array is also an object)

Not only the Javascript programming but also all the programming languages basic concepts and pillars are the same. So, when you have decided that you are going with JavaScript let us skim over the things stated below.

  1. String
  2. Number
  3. Boolean
  4. Function
  5. Object

Let us discuss about “string ” in details today. Keep you eyes on my blog to explore the other essentials of Javascript core programming.

If I simply describe String, Its characters we use in our daily life. We will need to play with the characters in various aspect of programming. …

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